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Welcome to! Our auction house is located in Margaretville NY, in the western Catskill Mountain area. We have provided diverse auction services for 40-plus years, along with household, estate, and real estate services and this season will be our best yet! Our family business offers a fair marketplace with a friendly, professional atmosphere. Onsite auctions are our specialty; we would love to have you attend our fine country auctions.


Off-Site Civil War and Military Auction
Delhi American Legion, Delhi, NY
(GPS Address - 41 Page Ave)

Saturday, September 21st 2019
11:00 am

McIntosh Auction will present an antique auction highlighting firearms and military items from the Revolutionary War and Civil Wars (see partial listing below), a collection of bayonets, taxidermy including a standing Grizzly Bear, Moosehead, Lionel trains, and many interesting small antique and collectible items. For the convenience of our customers, this auction will be held at the Delhi American Legion. This promises to be a very interesting, and historic auction, with many museum quality items.

HISTORIC MILITARY ITEMS: Batty Peace Flask, English Army Breast Plate, German Stag Handle Sword, King James English Pike, Dutch Edged Weapon, 3 lb. Revolutionary War Cannonball, Civil War Carbine Scabbard, Civil War Backpack #9, Civil War Oil Cloth Backpack, Civil War Battlefield Whistle, Civil War Pot hooks, G.A.R. Veterans Medal, Civil War "Grape Shot" Cannonballs, Revolutionary War Hand Knife, Green River knife w/Hand Made Sheath, Revolutionary War British Belt Ax, Revolutionary War Musket Plug Bayonet, Revolutionary War Facine, Flintlock Pistol w/Screw On Barrel, Flintlock Dagger Pistol, Kentucky Percussion Pistol w/Silver inlays, 1862 Colt 36 Cal. Police Model, Connecticut Arms Bulldog Derringer, French 54. Cal. Double Barrel Flintlock, Pair of 72 Cal. Boarding House Pistols, Confederate Palmento Armory Pistol, Civil War Parker-Snow 58 Cal. Musket, 1871 Springfield Rolling Block 50 Cal., 1872 50-70 Cal. NYSNG Remington, English Baker-Made By Fenton, Civil War 58 Cal.-PJ Justice, 1836 Springfield Musket-69 Cal., 2-Whitney & Co. Civil War Rifles, Civil War Half Stock Rifle-English Lock, French Tige Civil War Musket-69 Cal., Brown Bess w/Bayonet, British Indian Trade Musket, 75 NY Committee Of Safety Rifle, 1816 Springfield Musket, 1817 Derringer 58 Cal. Common Rifle, English Blunderbuss Made By Wesley Richard, Custom Made Revolutionary War Music Musket, Collection of Vintage Bayonets inc. WW I, WWII, German, French & Others, Antique Signal Cannon.

TAXIDERMY: Full Standing Grizzly Bear, Caribou, 2 Mule deer, Elk, Bugling Elk, Moose, 2 White Tail Deer, Deer Hoof Ashtray.

ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: Spectacular Black Forest Coo-Coo Clock, Candlesticks, Moose Call, Miniature Bark Canoe, Bark Baskets, WWI Picture Frame, 1876 Centennial Picture Frame, 1939 World's Fair Plate, Lodge Ribbons, American Hotel Delhi Fire Picture, Signed Sculpture, Tramp Art Boxes & Frames, Wooden Butter Bowls, Vintage knife, Wooden Bucket, Delhi Ashtray, Stenciled Tinware, Trivets, Walton NY Book, Wooden Bucket, Tobacco Tin, Cranberry Glass Brides Basket, Cast iron Pot, 2 Drawer Oak File Box, Pitcher w/Native American Design, Carnival Glass, Roseville Pottery, Hull pottery, Bookends, Glass Barrel Dispenser, Dovetailed Oak Box, Eclipse Lever Lock, Apple Peeler, Child's Sewing Machine, Toy typewriter in Box, Kitchen Mixers, Coal iron, Student Lamp (Electrified), Coffee Grinder, Folding Mirror, Coffee Grinder, Silver Overlay Pitcher, Desk Lamp, Art Deco Nude Figure Candlesticks, Art Deco Nude figure Cobalt Cup, Chariot Lamp, Griswold Cast Iron Including: #962 Muffin Pan, Ashtray, #8 Campfire Waffle Maker, Frying Pans, Pair of Crimpers, Pasta Maker-Circa 1870, Miniature Cat Iron Stove, Cranberry Glass Pickle Castor, Cut Glass Pickle Castor, Cast Iron Candy Mold, & more!!

1. Batty peace flask - Circa 1850
2. English Army breast plate - Circa 1620
3. German Hesson short sword w/stage handle - Circa 1700
4. King James English pike - Circa 1605-1624
5. Dutch - Circa 1600
6. 3 lb. Revolutionary War cannon ball
7. Civil War carbine saddle scabbard
8. Civil War back pack #9
9. Civil War oil cloth back pack
10. Civil War battlefield whistle (battlefield find)
11. Civil War blacksmith made camp pot hooks
12. Civil War G.A.R. Veterans medal
13. Civil War grape shot cannon balls
14. Revolutionary War hand knife (battlefield find)
15. Green River knife w/handmade sheath (Gettysburg)
16. Revolutionary War British belt ax
17. Pre-Revolutionary War musket plug bayonet
18. Revolutionary War fascine - hand forged
19. Queen Anne period flintlock-screw on barrel - Circa 1700
20. Queen Anne period flintlock dagger pistol - Circa 1700
21. Kentucky percussion pistol w/silver inlays - Circa 1830-1850
22. 1862 police model 36 cal. Colt w/holster - Circa 1861-1873
23. Connecticut Arms Derringer 44 cal. Bulldog model - Circa 1866-1880
24. Double barrel flintlock- French 54 cal. - Michael Berlaur - Circa 1750
25. Matched pair of 72 cal. Boarding pistols made by Westley Richards
26. Confederate Palmetto armory pistol - Circa 1842
27. Civil War Musket 58 cal. Made by Parker-Snow Co. - Circa 1863-1864
28. Springfield Rolling Bock 50 cal. - Circa 1871
29. 1872 Remington 50-70 cal. NYS National Guard (1500 made)
30. English Baker - made by Fenton
31. Civil War 58 cal. P.J. Justice - Circa 1861 (only 2174 made)
32. 1835 Springfield Musket 69 caliber
33. Whitney & Co. Civil War rifle - factory conversion
34. Whitney & Co. Civil War - silver plate in stock
35. Civil War - half stock rifle - English lock
36. French tige Civil War musket - 69 caliber
37. Brown Bess 2nd model 1760 musket w/bayonet-British
38. British made Indian trade musket - Circa 1790-1840
39. 75 caliber NYS Committee of Safety musket
40. 1816 Springfield musket made by H. Osborne
41. 1817 Derringer common rifle 56 caliber - Circa 1810-1820
42. English blunderbuss made by Westley Richards, London - Circa 1740
43. Revolutionary War music musket-custom made
44. 1799 large cent v8-8+
45. 1877 silver trade dollar - EF grade
46. 1900 Lafayette silver dollar - MS-64 grade
47. 1941 NYS hunting license
48. "Leaders of the Civil War" Copyright 1884

11:00 am - 12:30 pm - ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLE ITEMS
12:30 pm - 1:45pm - MILITARY ITEMS & TAXIDERMY

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Preview: Friday, September 20 - Noon to 4:00 pm
Saturday, September 21 - 9:00 am to Auction Time
or By Appointment

Terms: 13% Buyers Premium                     3% discount if paying by Cash or Check
Valid ID Required!

Absentee and telephone bids are always welcome, please arrange bids by calling 607-434-5639 before 5 pm on September 20.
As always, McIntosh Auctions are Live Auctions, no on-line bidding.

Great Refreshments available!

On-Site Tractor and Machinery Auction

Hobart, NY

Saturday, October 5th 2019
11:00 am


Farm Machinery, Vintage Farm - All tractors and haying equipment, John Deere 450 Bulldozer and misc. small items. Watch for information and photos.

Photos (page 1)

Preview: Saturday, October 5 - 9:00 am to Auction Time
or By Appointment

Terms: 13% Buyers Premium                     3% discount if paying by Cash or Check
Valid ID Required!

Absentee and telephone bids are always welcome, please arrange bids by September 27.
As always, McIntosh Auctions are Live Auctions, no on-line bidding.

Great Refreshments available!

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